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February 20, 2022

Pinochle last night, 3-hand cut-throat: my bro own three out of four games.

Back at the ol’ Gatsby React Webpack easy-peasy starter blog. I couldn’t get the base64 (<—yep, that’s right…) SVGs to display.

I tried everything, including pulling in the SVG as React Components in the bio.js file:

import { ReactComponent as Devpost } from "../images/social/devpost.svg"

Adding in the gatsby-plugin-react-svg plugin in gatsby-config.js:

    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-react-svg",
    options: {
        rule: {
            include: `/src/images/svg/`

Then, I thought I’d explicitly excluding the url-loader from loading SVG files. I’d try svg-url-loader. That meant trying a little WebPack configuration in Gatsby, which meant creating a separate module, onCreateWebpackConfig, and loading it from the gatsby-node.js file.

All the time, I could see that the data was being loaded, but I thought because it was base64, Chrome wouldn’t read it.

Oh, and Gatsby Link, as well. Even though the docs said don’t use it for external links, it worked.

But the images still didn’t display. I had set a height and width early on, so I thought I was covered by silly CSS transpiling issues. But nope. Turned out all I had to do is drop either the height or the width (something about ratios?), and the icons displayed perfectly.

Next up? custom URLs for pages.

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